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Different Types of Learning

By Kaitlyn Keffler
2018-19 Change A Heart Franciscan Member

When moving into our new home in August, I expected a year of personal growth, reflection, and gaining a greater understanding of homelessness. While I expected to gain knowledge this year, I did not realize how many different types of learning I would be doing.

In our home, I am learning what it truly means to be a community member. All of us came to the house with different upbringings and experiences, calling us to strive to communicate effectively. I have learned that practices or chores that are common to me are not common to all of us. Hence, I am learning that being a community member requires communication, patience, laughter, and a willingness to meet people halfway.

At my service site, Operation Safety Net, I am learning what it means to be a coworker and an advocate for our clients. Being a good coworker also requires communication and patience as well as a call to do what is best for our clients. Advocating for our clients and learning how to navigate systems has shown me the importance of striving to understand all perspectives when approaching a problem. These advocating skills are especially important when working with persons who are often marginalized in our society.

This year will indeed by one of personal growth, reflection, and gaining a greater understanding. I am excited to continue on this journey and explore the lessons taught by these different types of learning.